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Apple Rumours to Finally be Confirmed or Denied Tomorrow

Posted by cristóvão On September - 8 - 2009

Apple September 2009 EventEvery September since the inception of the iPod, Apple puts together an event to announce new products and services to it’s loyal, and ever increasing, customers. So what do we have in store tomorrow?

Let’s tackle the first true music-centric rumour. Business analysts are telling folks not to hold their breath that the Beatles catalogue will finally appear in iTunes after tomorrow’s event. Although they have millions and millions of artists and tracks, iTunes lacks the entire works of the Beatles. There was a lot of speculation that since the Beatles are releasing two boxed sets along with their new Rock Band Beatles video game tomorrow, we may finally see the Fab Four’s songs on the world’s biggest online music retailer but that remains to be seen. However, more and more reports are citing sources this isn’t likely.

There’s also speculation that iTunes itself will get a makeover which will feature social networking integration (facebook addicts, watch out!), provide BluRay playback support and support a new feature code-named Cocktail which will entice consumers to purchase full albums rather than single tracks with extras such as full artwork, liner notes, lyrics and even small applications.

Of course, the announcement most people are anxious about is the refresh of the entire iPod line-up. It seems that the iPod Nano, Touch and Classic are all poised to receive upgrades that includes a camera. Problem is, recent news stories are indicating that said upgrades may be delayed due to technical difficulties. There’s also talk of the iPod Touch getting reduced pricing and increased storage with an 8GB Touch running you USD$149 while the new 64GB Touch costing USD$349.

Stay tuned as we’ll be revealing the news as soon as possible tomorrow. The event kicks off at 10:00 hrs Pacific, 11:00 hrs Mountain and 13:00 hrs Eastern Time.

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