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Video of the Day: the Weakerthans ~ “Sun in an Empty Room”

Posted by cristóvão On October - 4 - 2009

the WeakerthansHave you ever had one of those bands that you know maybe two or three songs, and like them quite a bit but have never really invested much more time or research into them? The kind that are quite worthy of attention but for some reason have never left the back-burner? For me, the Weakerthans is one of those bands and it’s certainly not for lack of talent.

The four-piece from Winnipeg, MB are famous for their fusion of indie-rock, folk and punk and since their inception back in 1997 have released five records (one of them an EP) including the 2007 album Reunion Tour. Having signed with punk label Epitaph in 2003, the last two records are on that label and have afforded them increased exposure.

Although the group have been taking some much needed down-time before embarking on recording their next album, singer/song-writer John K. Samson recently announced that he was going to record a number of 7″ solo  singles about Manitoba roads through Epitaph. The first single, “City Route 85″ is set to come out on October 20th.

My absolute favourite Weakerthans track is from their last album and is called “Sun in an Empty Room”. This week, Epitaph added it to their YouTube channel and it’s an absolutely stunning video;

Now, here’s a small tid-bit of info/trivia some people may not know about the Weakerthans; Samson is formerly of punk band Propaghandi.

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