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NYC-Based Kongcrete Show Plenty of Promise

Posted by rlatham On October - 16 - 2009

Written by: Robert Latham

KongcreteMany bands have tried and failed to fuse the genres of rock and hip-hop but New York-based quartet Kongcrete look set to smash down the barriers and succeed in their goal to combine the two.

The band define their music as ‘Ghetto Rock,’ a combination of hip-hop, hard rock, funk and reggae and the results are impressive with big, dominating tunes like “Bulldozer” and “Greyhound Bus” an excellent example of the band’s energy and blow your head off aggressive musical style.

The band is working hard to get their name known but the promise they hold is evidenced by the fact that their independently produced 2008 debut album Kongcrete was created alongside the legendary sound engineer Vlado Meller, who has helped master albums for (to name but a few) Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine and System of a Down who all act as massive influences to Kongcrete‘s musical style.

Bassist Jeff To explains; “Our influences aren’t confined to any particular genre. What matters is the attitude and energy these guys put into their work, that raw live energy that is authentic and honest. That’s what we try to convey through our music.”

The band’s sound is unmistakable with MC Taiwo D’Aguilar alternating between rap and growling and snarling sounds and low-tuned, bouncing overdrive guitar riffs that help drive the energetic rhythm to headier heights.

Yet their music is outrageously diverse, with funk rock track “RadioActive” an example of the band’s ability to mix up their style as they flicker between down and dirty funk and heavy rock, sounding unmistakably similar to Rage Against The Machine.

And the band believe they have what it takes to convince the masses that real music is still alive and kicking, without the need for the modern day obsession with technology.

“The technical skill of playing a real instrument, its nuances and imperfections, the epic journey that music is supposed to take you on and the long struggle and thought that musicians must put into their art – these things are rare,” said To.

“There will be a return to these fundamentals and a backlash against fillers and empty music, we think our form of ghetto rock will be a major force and we work our asses off on every song to make it perfect.”

Kongcrete‘s trademark rule-breaking sound deserves checking out and their unique brand of ghetto rock, fusing roll off the tongue rap lyrics with in your face guitar riffs and bouncing rhythms combine to make this a band to look out for in 2010.

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  1. Ivy says:


    Great work Jeff! You are really tight and keep up the good work!


  2. Ken says:

    Cool band!

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