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Interview: TV Heart Attack

Posted by rlatham On November - 8 - 2009


Written by: Rob Latham

Vancouver-based alternative rockers TV Heart Attack are one of the leading bands sparking a musical revolution on the Canadian west coast.

The four-piece’s edgy rock sound has won them rave reviews and live shows on bills alongside major bands such as The Killers, at the Virgin music festival, and The Von Bondies and singer Jason Corbett admits he is excited about the band’s future.

Corbett said: “Playing with The Killers made me realize that they were at the top of their game and none of the other bands even came close to being as good as them, that gave me something to aspire to in terms of where we would like to be. The Von Bondies, no offence to them they were great, but it was like we were as good as these guys so we could be out there touring.

“I wish the good reviews equated to album sales and draw across Canada but it feels really good to be recognized as an artist, to know the hard work you put into writing lyrics and the blood, sweat and tearsĀ  you put into it gets recognized on a certain level by your peers.”

But as Corbett explains the band, which formed in 2005, may never have kicked off had it not been for the acts of his girlfriend during the band’s previous incarnation as Speed To Kill.

“I got a raise on my VISA limit so we went to the studio, then my girlfriend smashed up my car and the insurance money allowed us to record the first TV Heart Attack record.

“We had to put distance between us and Speed To Kill, and slowly but surely the members changed and the girl who smashed up my car actually her brother became the keyboard player, then the guitar player and now my partner in crime and business partner of the band. It was a catalyst for a lot of different things happening.”

TV Heart Attack‘s music is very much a musical tale of Corbett’s life, he is responsible for writing 95 per cent of the music and all his inspiration is taken from things that have happened to him.

Corbett said: “Pretty much every song is a different page of my life. I use metaphors and stuff but not fantasy stories, they are stories about me.

“You listen to the record and you get a pretty good idea of who I am and the women in my life, my experiences.”

The band’s latest big break is the long-awaited release of their new music video for the catchy “AO” on December 17th, following the recent launch of their website.

Corbett said: “It’s exciting because we’ve been working on the video for a long time, the budget for the video and the type of energy and services people have put into it would easily make it over a $100,000 video so it’s going to be something we can be proud of for years to come in terms of a representation of where we are at.

“We’ve really been focusing on our internet presence, the new website, Twitter, all that kind of stuff. I wasn’t a really big fan of doing it but seeing how that works, even just our YouTube channel, it’s been fantastic with all the hits coming in. We’re not into 100,000s of hits but we’re definitely excited about every little step we take.”

The band plan to release a second EP, a follow-up to their debut release Lost In The Sway, in the new year as Corbett believes releasing fairly regular EPs is the best way forward for the band.

“We’re trying to do as much as we can to make sure people hear us, I like songwriting and getting into that aspect of the business and I really like performing so we just want to get out and perform as much as possible.

“With the climate of how people listen to music now I don’t think the concept of a 11 or 12 song album works for us anymore, I know Radiohead are only going to release singles and that might be a little excessive, but I think we are going to stick to releasing an EP per year rather than an album every 2 years.

“If you can write a song or two that resonates with people and they consistently say ‘I love that song’ and they’re singing the lyrics then that’s the most rewarding thing, knowing you’ve crafted something that resonates with people.”

The band is currently involved in the Peak Performance Project talent show in Vancouver and will be performing at the Peak Xmas Show, at The Venue, on December 17th as well as a small tour early next month.

To check out their music and see tour dates visit their MySpace page.

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