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CD Review: Slayer ~ World Painted Blood

Posted by rlatham On November - 19 - 2009


Written by: Rob Latham

Legendarily savage death metal Gods Slayer return with yet another dose of their trademark brutality.

In their tenth studio album World Painted Blood the controversial California-based four-piece thrashers, often singled out as the fastest band in the world, fail to disappoint with an almighty assault of their staple tremolo guitars backed by obscenely heavy, drop-tuned powerchords, insanely frantic double bass drumming and mind-blowing screaming vocals.

Slayer‘s style never variates too much – why change a winning formula that’s won you countless awards and millions of adoring fans, right? – but this album definitely has a slightly more melodic feel to it than the band has offered us in the past. But that isn’t too say that Slayer aren’t still at their most sadistic and brutal best, no other band in the world can match the intensity of their music.

The album opens up with a fiery burst from the gates of Hell in the form of opening title track “World Painted Blood,” an onslaught of frenzied guitar followed by a battle cry of vocals from bassist/vocalist Tom Araya.

The savage onslaught is relentless as the opening track is swiftly followed by the magnificently vicious “Unit 731,” a masterclass in heavy metal.

In an age where bands who have started out as heavy, heavy metal have been lured by the bright lights of pop-fuelled commercialism and celebrity Slayer are one of the bands who have kept true to their roots and retained their raging rock sound. This is portrayed in the lightning fast “Public Display Of Dismemberment,” which features some outrageously quick fret teasing.

Tracks like the spooky “Playing With Dolls” and the neck-breaking fast “Psychopathy Red” are perfect proof that this is Slayer at their remorseless best.

The deliciously vicious final track “Not Of This God” is a powerful epitome of the modern-day Slayer, which still retains the old-school intensity and brutality but also explores new melodic depths to leave the listener feeling thoroughly battered and bruised come the end of the album.

If cheesy pop and indie are your thing, then don’t even think about going near this album. Slayer is heavy metal at its cruellest, most inhumane best and their latest offering is another reminder of why the band are the unopposed Kings of the genre.

World Painted Blood is available in stores now.

4 Responses to “CD Review: Slayer ~ World Painted Blood”

  1. doris says:

    oh wow! Dave Lombardo has given up the drums??????!!!!111one

  2. Fluffy says:

    What an amazing use of adjectives: “savage, intensity, brutal, inhumane, unopposed kings, remorseless, almighty assault, obscenely heavy, insanely frantic, sadistic, magnificently vicious”…just to name a few. Rock on you late 80’s Ricky Rachtman enthusiast!

  3. Shawn says:

    That’s right Doris. Who knew Dave Lombardo was not only one of the fastest drummers in the world, but also an “outrageously quick fret teas[er]”!? That’s crazy talk. Otherwise, this was a great (if, admittedly, a tad bit flowery) review by Rob Latham…

  4. rlatham says:

    My bad guys, sorry, my huge mistake! And thanks for the adjective praise, it’s hard not to get carried away once you’ve started..

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