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Live Review: Nushi CD Release @ the Marquee Room

Posted by tzimmerman On May - 10 - 2010

Written by: Thomas Zimmerman
May 7th, 2010 @ the Marquee Room, Calgary, AB

I got to get out of the house Friday night and attend the CD release party for Nushi’s debut album, Future Hazards.  I walked into The Marquee Room, lazily decorated with a mostly red theme, and made my way over to who I assumed was Jeebs Nabil, the frontman of Nushi.  Seeing as I was a little early and there wasn’t a huge crowd yet, it was easy to pick him out based on the picture I’d found on MySpace.  Although he was trying to appear calm, Jeebs was jittery (understandably so), having poured most of his time and energy into creating a debut album and really wanting it to be received with as much feeling as he’s put into it with the obvious additional energy and support of Cody Coates, Dan Wilson and Henry Hsieh.

We’ll get to a little bit more of Jeebs and the band and where they’re going in a minute, but for now let me tell you about the set.

In a word…awesome.  Each song they play on stage (and have recorded on the album) has their own definite personality.  That’s sometimes hard to do in a relatively new band (they’ve been together a year and a half now), and I was impressed that Nushi pulled it off with apparent ease.  They didn’t have a big flashy stage show, but they created a commanding presence.  These guys are more interested in playing good music than showmanship, and ultimately that’s a good thing cause good music is what lasts.  Don’t get me wrong, they were connecting with the crowd; they just didn’t have to use the showy stuff to make that connection work.  People were dancing, having a great time and didn’t want to leave.  There’s an old saying:  The Sound Guy ultimately controls the suck button…at Nushi’s release party, not only was the band tight, the Sound Guy was on the ball and definitely had that button turned off!

Listening to the album the day after the party, I was impressed with the realization that what they played on stage the night before and what’s recorded on the album sound almost identical, which is a very good thing in my mind.  Crunchy guitar without being too washed out, nicely defined vocals, and punchy drum tracks.  It sounds great on the 5.1, almost perfect separation with fluidity on the headphones, with the only minor issue I have is that the tracks sound a little “dry” on a cheaper sound system, but that’s what you get for buying a cheap sound system!

As for the future, it’s my opinion that Nushi’s future is looking up.  Jeebs mentioned that they are going to be reaching for a little bit more of an atmospheric feel, and are considering getting on the road to reach a larger potential fan base.  Jeebs was really excited that there were people at the party that he’s never met, and not even related to!

I highly recommend checking them out on MySpace, listening to a sample, and then ordering a CD…Jeebs needs to pay rent!

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