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Live Review + Photos: the Light Brights, the Stogies & Mike Trask

Posted by tnaugler On May - 18 - 2010

Written by: Isaac Thompson
Photos by: Tiffany Naugler
May 12th, 2010 @ the Paragon Theatre ~ Halifax, NS

This week Tiff and I went to the Paragon Theatre for their Halifax Music Club. The HMC happens every Wednesday and features the house band The Light Brights sharing the stage with local artists ranging from comedians to singer/songwriters and rock bands. This time around the musical guests were The Stogies and Mike Trask. The entire concert was streamed live on (Read more after the photos!)

The Stogies got things started right by delivering a wickedly entertaining set of old school rock & roll with a little reggae and blues. They put on the most energetic show of the night and I loved them for it. Their songs were direct and well written with dirty 70’s style guitar riffs. They’re one of those bands that sound great live. The music has a raw edge and lead singer Blake Johnston’s voice suits the material to a T. He belts the songs with passionate, blues rock immediacy. Although the crowd was pretty small, the Stogies set the room on fire as if they were playing to a packed house.

After their set, The Stogies were interviewed by songwriter Mike Trask and then The Light Brights came onboard to show us all why they’re house band.

The Light Brights played off each other with a relaxed confidence. The songs were catchy with nice breezy melodies that would grow more urgent and intense as they reached their peaks. Each band member brought something to the table. The rhythm section, guitar playing and vocals were all rock solid. The Light Brights combined elements of confessional coffee-house music with loud/soft, 90s rock style dynamics.

Mike Trask played a few songs from his newest album with the Lights Brights as his backing band. This set was a lot of fun and displayed how well the Light Brights worked together as a band. They seamlessly followed Trasks lead. Light Brights vocalist Bethany Victoria even added some excellent (and I assume made up on the spot) backing vocals

Trask’s sound is classic booze-soaked blues. He had a gravely singing style reminiscent of Joe Cocker crossed with Tom Waits, and his songs sounded like the kind that would be fun to howl as your celebrating with your friends or staring into your tear-filled beer.

The Paragon Theatre’s Wednesday night Halifax Music Club is a fun, intimate show hosted by a great local band. It’s well worth your time and your seven dollars. All you photogenic music fans out there might be interested to know that The Light Brights are set to film part of their newest music video at the Paragon Theatre on Wednesday, May 26. So show up and go wild for the camera!

See more photos and video footage over at!

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  1. Darcy says:

    I saw the Light Brights the other day, good band…can’t wait for there new stuff to be available…

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