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Album Review: the Black Keys ~ Brothers

Posted by tzimmerman On May - 25 - 2010

Written by: Thomas Zimmerman


That’s the first word that comes to mind after listening to the first note of The Black Keys album, Brothers.  It’s been mixed almost as if they hung two microphones in a garage and started recording.  Two very well placed microphones that is, and it’s awesome!  They hit it hard, get right into the music, and no wasting anybody’s time with long intro’s.  The vocals remind me of what would happen if B.B. King and Moby ever met…slightly cleaner, better annunciation, but the feel and the soul are an influence in every word sung.  The timing feels real, the beat is genuine, and this album rocks!

These guys aren’t afraid to change the complete feel and time signature of what they’re doing either, as evidenced in the track “Tighten Up”.  It sounds like they went and found just about every classic effects pedal they could get their hands on to get the sound that only comes from using the old stuff, and was that a Hammond I heard on “Ten Cent Pistol”?  Take a listen, it’s in there!  Great album, with a lot of good old fashioned and yet original blues.

If  you like the blues, then this is an extreme definite buy!

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