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Album Review: Chasing Jones ~ Stay Tonight

Posted by tzimmerman On July - 14 - 2010

Written by: Thomas Zimmerman

The memories of High School and College.  The sorrowful, lamenting musician writing sad songs about love and life.  Seems familiar, doesn’t it?  This particular musician is writing about the girl that got away, or perhaps girls seeing as musicians get a lot of their material from relationships and can never seem to keep said relationship going.  It must be the close ties that emotions and music have with each other.  Chasing Jones has produced an album the reflects a lot about these travesties known as relationships, and if you’re the one reflecting on the recent loss of a love, then this album will definitely help you commiserate on that very thing.  It seems to fall short of supplying any sort of solution, however, so you’ll have to resolve any future relationship decisions yourself.

As far as musical styling, this album is a good effort at top 40 stuff.  I did notice that most of the songs were structured around the G major chording, which is fine seeing that it’s a key that most super bands use, but tends to eventually make everything sound the same.  While the drum track is solid, it seems a little under-complicated and takes away from the songs in some areas with its repetitive nature.  A few more off-beats and originality in the drum fills would be nice.

Overall, I like this album from Chasing Jones.  The lyrics are more of a story about these lost loves rather than a complaint against the subject matter which is nice because so much music out there likes to lay blame on perhaps innocent, if not misunderstood circumstances.  I look forward to hearing more from Chasing Jones, reminiscing about the days filled with seeking the right one.

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