Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Song of the Day: Kanye West ~ “Lord Lord Lord”

Posted by cristóvão On September - 23 - 2010

So a couple of weeks ago, Kanye West and Taylor Swift bookended the MTV Video Music Awards with performances a year after West hijacked Swift’s acceptance speech and rendered himself, in the words of President Obama, an ass. West yelled/tweeted his apology (and as a side note, please celebrities, STOP USING CAPSLOCK, YOU IDJITS!), appeared on Leno’s inaugural 10pm failure only to be verbally bitch slapped (probably one of the only funny things Leno has done in two decades and it wasn’t even supposed to be!) and essentially layed low for the next 12 months.

Well, he wasn’t just staying out of harms way, avoiding the virtual rotten food being tossed at him for his assinine behavior. He was actually keeping busy recording his next album, Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now, I haven’t heard much from the album (in fact, I’ve only heard the below track) but if this is any indication, it should be much MUCH better 808s & Heartbreak, the autotune mangled mess he released in 2008.

So my question is, is it too soon to be lauding Kanye for something? I mean, he and Taylor made nice at this years awards. And if it IS too soon, then I’ll rely on the fact that the song feature the always awesome, always cool, Mos Def.

Dark Twisted Fantasy is due out on November 16th.

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