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Off the Dial podcast 2008.P08 ~ “I resent the fact you resent me”

Posted by cristóvão On April - 15 - 2008

We returned to the Gateway to Hell Studios for episode number eight and had a special guest join us! Jesse J. Powell of the Pine Tarts brought some cool (largely) local indie music, talked about the scene and generally had a good time. We played tracks by the Ostrich, Pitchin’ Woo, the Ex-Boyfriends, Seven Story Redhead, Kara Keith, Sex Party, Hazard Lights, the Dance War and naturally, two tracks by the Pine Tarts.

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One Response to “Off the Dial podcast 2008.P08 ~ “I resent the fact you resent me””

  1. I,G.P. says:

    This made me super happy, especially because of the Beatles cover, because that is one of my favourite Beatles songs ever. And I didn’t know JJ was co-hosting until I’d already clicked! It was an extra super happiness of a surprise. You are all officially in my good books. This made part of my final exam cramming downright pleasurable.

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