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Live Review: Soundgarden @ Saddledome

Posted by newsboy On July - 28 - 2011

Written by: James Callsen (X92.9 Blog)

Last night’s Soundgarden show was great. Instead of writing a quick blurb AND doing a list, I’m combining them today.

1: It was a HELL of a long show.

The band went on at 8:45 and left around 11. That’s over 2 hours of Soundgarden. I generally gauge a concert’s success by how often I wonder if it’s over yet. I didn’t wonder that once, over 2 hours. So according to my math, that means Soundgarden did well.

2: Soundgarden is old.

Definitely lots of grey in Kim Thayil’s breezy locks and I’m pretty sure Chris Cornell’s beard wasn’t so jet black either. This is a wake up call to Generation X; You’re getting old too. However Soundgarden proved last night that old guys can still do it.

3: I forgot how many great songs are in the Soundgarden back catalog.

When you work at X92.9, you hear a lot of Soundgarden so lately I haven’t had any of their records on in a long time. I forgot how great some of their stuff like “Fourth Of July” (which smoked last night) was. Hearing “Slaves & Bulldozers” was great too, as was “My Wave” (huge highlight) and “Like Suicide”.

4: Cornell had audio effect help, but Thayil still has it.

Admittedly, Cornell wasn’t hitting all the high notes he used to. That’s what happens when you get old though. He had plenty of audio processed help. Maybe I’m just a weak fan, but I can let it slide. Thayil on the other hand held it down through the entire set. He never was a guy to get too physical on stage, so last night was a real clinic watching him work from 30 feet away. One of the best guitarists of all time.

5: The very laid back pit had something to do with the large amounts of weed being inhaled.

Want to know why people weren’t tearing sh*t up last night? Two words: Contact. High. I haven’t been around that much weed being smoked inside one building in a long, long time. I didn’t inhale, but good thing I don’t have a urine test today.

6: Matt Cameron is awesome

Looked and sounded good last night, just as he gets set to get back on the road with Pearl Jam. That’s like Iggy (Jerome Iginla) working as a wide receiver for the Stamps during the beginning of the NHL season in his spare time.

7: Soundgarden last night was not the Soundgarden of 15 years ago.

They’re 15 years older. Can you do everything you were physically good at 15 years ago? Last nights show was better than I expected. Much better, but maybe that’s because I was expecting an hour long greatest hit set so the could run off the stage and cash their checks. Far more intensity than I anticipated, even if it sounded a little creakier than one would have hoped.

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