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Album Review: Ohbijou ~ Metal Meets

Posted by jennyb On October - 3 - 2011

Written By: Jenny Barton

The Toronto based band Ohbijou released their highly anticipated third album, Metal Meets on September 27, 2011.  The vocal harmonizing of Casey Mecija (guitar) and Jenny Mecija (violin) combine pleasantly with the instrumental styling of Ryan Carley (piano and synth), Heather Kirby (bass), Anissa Hart (cello) and James Bunton (drums).   Metal Meets is is released by Last Gang and recorded and produced by Jace Lasek.

This anticipated album reflects the band member’s travels ranging from cabin ventures in the woods to adventures across the continents of Europe, North America and Asia.  These life-altering experiences and influences are instantly reflected in the sound of the album.  The experimentation of the different, worldly influences is apparent in the melodic intrigue and playful collision of the “East meets West” sound.  The album is also greatly inspired by naturalistic forces, which are easily imagined while listening to the flow of the album; each song merges cohesively into the other- much like nature emerges from one scene into the next (mountain, forest, river).

The album opens with “Niagara” and builds to the climax of the album (in my opinion), the song “Anser”.   I find this particular song to be the most interesting and powerful on the entire album. In this song the vocals are strongest and at their most playful.

Overall, the lyrics are poetic and unique, such as “Left you in cycle, hanging in a tree, swaying with dead bodies and rusted rosaries”, which resonate thought provocation.  “Metal Meets” is an album that tells a story, a story that is experienced through the haunting vocals and intriguing elements of violin colliding with other orcastric sounds.  Ohbijou is a band that has such a unique offering that their sound is only something that can be experienced.

For information on the band and their tour dates, check out their website.

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