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Album Review: Hedley ~ Storms

Posted by JonesK On November - 25 - 2011

Written By: Kristen Jones

Canadian alternative pop rock band Hedley is back with their fourth album Storms.  Produced by Brian Howes, the new album was released on November 8th.

Formed in British Columbia in 2004, the group consists of frontman Jacob Hoggard, guitarist Dave Rosin, bassist Tommy Mac and drummer Chris Crippin.  The band has accomplished quite a bit in their time together including earning three consecutive double-platinum certifications; Hedley (2005), Famous Last Words (2007) and The Show Must Go (2009).  They have also sold over one million digital singles, won Video of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards and were named one of the top 100 touring artists in the world.

Let me start by saying I honestly tried to be un-biased while reviewing this album; as Hedley is one of my favourite bands.  But Storms is truly incredible and I think whether a fan of the group or not I would still have loved this album.

Storms opens with “One Life,” a beautiful song with a powerful and inspirational message.  This song really hit home with me and after hearing it I took a moment to reflect on my own life; no regrets.

“One Life” is followed by “Invincible” another beautiful song and the debut single off the album.  I first heard this song when the music video premiered on Much Music.  From the moment I heard it I knew it was something special and obviously I was right; the single has currently sold over 40,000 copies.

Storms does have a few more ballad type songs than on past albums, including “Beautiful,” “Stormy,” and “Heaven’s Gonna Wait,” among others.  But the guys do not disappoint.  The music is still unmistakably Hedley, just with a new found maturity and direction.

And for fans that enjoy the more upbeat, fun songs, the guys have you covered too.  With songs like “Young,” “Bullet for Your Dreams,” and “Hot Mess” there is something for everyone on this album.

Storms ends with “I Won’t Let You Go (Darling)” an eight and a half minute long love song.  This emotion filled piano ballad is the perfect ending to the perfect album.

According to Jacob, this album is a record the band spent its entire career working towards.  I completely agree.  Storms is the most honest, sincere and meaningful album I’ve heard in a long time.  Add to that the group’s musical talent and Jake’s one-of-a-kind voice and you have an album that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Hedley has always found a way to connect with their fans on a more personal level.  They’ve done this through their inspiring music and by being relatable all around nice guys.  Storms is one of their best albums to date and I recommend it to fans and non-fans alike.

Hedley will be touring next year all across Canada in support of their new album.  For more information on the band and tour dates visit

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