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Auteur Research #6 ~ the Rest, Drew Smith & Greg Preston and the Great Machine

Posted by cristóvão On October - 28 - 2011

Re-published from Auteur Research


Quick Cuts
The Rest:
Drew Smith:
Greg Preston and The Great Machine:


The Rest

Who: Known by many as one of the best bands few have heard about, even so The Rest have been able to achieve praise and notice from NPR, La Blogotheque’s Take Away Show, Stereogum, Pitchfork, and in all corners of the blogosphere. Their album Everyone All At Once found it’s way onto dozens of 2009 best of lists, and they’re currently in the final stages of their next album SEESAW. They’ve recently unveiled the single ‘Always On My Mind | The Last Day’ as a limited time free download at their bandcamp, and after a hard drive glitch lost their record for six months it’s a welcome return.

The Links: (2 Songs) (Video) (Stuff)


Drew Smith

Who: Second album The Secret Languages is about to be release in early 2012, but first single “Love Teeth” and it’s accompanying animated video has been released this past month. The visually striking video was done by an ex-student of his, fitting the mood of the song perfectly. “Love Teeth” is just a teaser to a beautiful collection, but it’s an obvious reinforcement to why Smith’s last record Fossils was a favourite for Hollywood music licensors. It’s a trend that’s certainly looks to continue.

The Links: (music + more) (video)


Greg Preston and The Great Machine

Who: Three-piece rock n’ roll bands are all about economy. On Greg Preston and The Great Machine’s first EP Leave The Light On is a testament to that ideology. Recorded and mixed over one weekend, all tracks were taken live off the floor.. All four songs have a relentless energy, a storm in the middle of a storm. Garage.

The Links: (FREE music) (video!)

As always…Love music and your mothers!!

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