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Auteur Research #7 ~ Christine Leaky, Dave King, Infinite I

Posted by cristóvão On December - 9 - 2011

Re-published from Auteur Research

Quick Cuts

Christine Leakey:
Dave King:
Infinite I:

Christine Leakey

Who: It took fourteen years for Christine Leakey’s album Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure to come to fruition. After struggling with an injury that left her unable to play any instruments she slowly worked her way back to performing and finishing the record she initially envisioned. The final result is a record that mutates over time, on first listen the dreamy beautiful overtures might grab you, the next a slightly disorientating, almost unsettling sense of wonder may wash over you. The album comes out in January, but Christine has put up three preview songs for free, plus an exquisite video.

The Links: (3 Song Free Preview) (Video)

The Heavy Dream

Who: The Heavy Dream comes from the mind of Dave King. Recorded in his own converted barn studio, Under The Golden Sun showcases pure classic pop song writing wrapped in a package that even true music nerds will keep finding new layers. Known for his virtuosic drumming skills, King has worked with the Grammy winners like T-Bone Burnett, Jim Lauderdale, and drummed in a feature film alongside Paul Anka. On the new record he utilized Wilco’s Pat Sansone to expand the sound further. Under The Golden Sun was released this week, and will see The Heavy Dream touring extensively in the New Year.

The Links: (music + more) (video)

Infinite I

WhoInfinite Iis a musical project created in 2010 by Canadian musician Rylan Hartley. This project consists of the Infinite I music itself and an extensive fictional universe depicting a crusade lead by characters of the Infinite Iagainst an empire and the dictatorships of time. To date there are 38 artists from southern Ontario that have signed on to help in the creation of costumes, photography, music and other media for the act. They’ve released their first single, plus a gorgeous hand drawn animated video and are already back in the studio expanding on the idea of what a “rock” band is in 2011. Expect BIG things!

The Links: (FREE music) (hand drawn animated video!)

As always…love music and snow cones!

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