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libsyn podcast January Part II ~ Off the Dial Episode 2008.P04

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2008 starts with not one but two podcasts in January. This episode features music from Calgary bands the Ostrich (MySpace), Axis of Conversation (Web Site, MySpace), Fox Opera (MySpace), Günther (Web Site, MySpace) and the now dufunct Veritas; plus Edmonton's Whitey Houston (Web Site, MySpace, Rectangle Records), Winnipeg's burnthe8track (Web Site, MySpace, Curve Music) and Montreal's Priestess (Web Site, MySpace, INDICA Records). Also highlighted is Beruit [whose album was named best of the year by writer Andy Stewart] (Web Site, Ba Da Bing Records) as well as ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Web Site, MySpace).

libsyn podcast January Part I ~ Off the Dial Episode 2008.P03

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2008 kicks off with a special episode of Off the Dial. Calgary's Inner Surge (MySpace, Web Site) join us in the studio to talk about their new album, "An Offering", it's accompanying artwork (by Shaun Freisen), political and social issues and squealing pigs. We exclusively preview three tracks from the forth-coming album and sandwich it all in between songs from Newfoundland's Bucket Truck (MySpace, Web Site) and Rollins Band (MySpace, Web Site).

The first person to email us win's a FREE copy of "An Offering"! Make sure to check out their CD release party here in Calgary at the Underground on January 26th, 2008.


libsynpod December ~ Off the Dial Episode 2007.P02

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This month; music from Calgary bands Secret Broadcast (MySpace), You Are A Weapon (MySpace, WebSite), GutterAwl (MySpace), Damn Dirty Ape (MySpace), Canadian acts Wintersleep (MySpace, Web Site) and the Most Serene Republic (MySpace, Web Site) plus Anit-Flag (MySpace, Web Site, Fat Wreck Chords), Bad Religion (MySpace, Web Site, Epitaph), Gallows (MySpace, Web Site) and the Rollins Band (MySpace, Web Site).

November ~ Off the Dial Episode 2007.P01

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The inaugural episode of "Off the Dial" features music from Creature Republic (MySpace), Cranston Foundation (MySpace), the Rocky Fortune (Web Site, MySpace), Wagbeard, Hot Little Rocket (Web Site, MySpace), the Fast Romantics (Web Site, MySpace), the Mood, Radiohead (Web Site) & Nine Inch Nails (Web Site, MySpace).